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Craig DeLuz

Craig DeLuz is a well known writer, actor, public speaker and media commentator in the Sacramento Region. He as a been on ABC’s Nightline and done commentary and analysis for local NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox affiliates. He has also hosted local radio talk shows and been the subject of several articles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times & the Sacramento Bee. Craig is a widely recognized voice for conservative values. As Founder of Uncommon Sense Media Group, Craig has served as Editor for Red County-Sacramento, the publisher of the VOICE of North Sacramento,Editor-N-Chief for Man2Man Magazine and Digital Editor for The Sacramento Observer. He is also a featured commentator with the American Urban Radio Network and MAD Moments on Sacramento’s 1380 AM KTKZ. Additionally, hosts his own blog at the Home of Uncommon Sense ( Craig has also appeared as a public speaker, radio talk show personality and frequent guest of political, faith and community television shows.


Ok ….going to church does not necessarily mean that you are going to heaven. But according to multiple studies, it may mean that you are more likely to vote Republican.  In 2006 Gallop conducted a two year study into the correlation...

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