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Lena Van Haren is a racist!  Van Haren, the principal of Everett Middle School in San Francisco, with held the results of the student council election because they were not diverse enough.

Everett Middle School is 80% minority or non-white and 20% white.  So, in diversity speak, not diverse enough means too many white students were elected.  Says Van Haren:

“It’s not OK for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” Van Haren said. “The easy thing would have been to announce the results and move on. I intentionally did not choose the easy way because this is so important.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this is the first time in several years that student council elections have been held. The votes were cast in the student’s home room, ensuring that all students voted.  In other words, the students held an election and the students chose who they would like to represent them.  Yes!  Non-white students looked over the candidates list and decided that students who happen to be white were the best ones to plan the school dance and organize the paper drive. But Principal Van Haren doesn’t like the results. In her racist mind there is not enough color and that lack of color clearly means that minority students are not being fairly represented.  Clearly, brown children don’t know what is best for them. TALK ABOUT WHITE PRIVILEGE!

After pressure from parents and the District’s administration, Van Haren released the results, claiming that she had wanted to delay until there was a plan in place to increase diversity by adding positions.

Even after the negative response of parents, Van Haren maintains that this is “a teachable moment.”  Van Haren is the worst kind of racist because her bigotry is self-satisfied and disguised in words like diversity.  She is going to teach us.  Alas, she is so busy patting herself on the back that she doesn’t realize the lesson she is teaching the children is that color is paramount, that ethnicity is what is most important, that what is outside is far more important than what is inside. The lesson she taught was that only brown people can represent the interests of brown people and that Liberal white people get to decide who best represents the interests of non-whites.

You know, it strikes me as odd that Van Haren, a white woman, is principal of a school that is 80% non-white.  I think that if Van Haren truly believed in the ideas she is shoveling, she would resign and phone the district and demand that a non-white principal be hired in her place. Something tells me she won’t make that call.



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