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University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was indicted for murder for fatally shooting Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop on July 19th.


 “He purposely killed him.” Prosecutor Joe Deters about UC officer Ray Tensing in Sam DuBose’s shooting death. “He should never have been a police officer.”

Deters says his  office reviewed  hundreds of police shootings. “This is without question a murder,” Deters said.

Deters called Tensing’s version of the events “nonsense. He said Tensing was not dragged, as he claimed in the police report, but  fell backwards after he shot DuBose in the head.

Concerned citizens are still awaiting the release of the body camera video, which should shed more light on this tragedy.

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The indictment is good news!  (Keeping in mind that indictments are not convictions.) However, there is something deeper here with which ALL citizens should be concerned.  Cincinnati prosecutor Joe Deters describes Tensing’s stop of Dubose for a missing front license plate a “Chicken crap stop.”  In my mind it’s rather like pulling someone over for changing lanes without signaling – chicken crap.  And here in lies the need for concern.  We have empowered the agents of the state with the power to stop and question citizens for all sorts of “chicken crap” reasons.  Once stopped, an officer can ask questions, sniff around, find a reason to search your things and on and on.  If a citizen offers protest or displays frustration, the officer is then empowered to hold that citizens against his will, using force – deadly force – if necessary.

In addition to my frustration with police officers and their “chicken crap,” I am frustrated with conservatives (small C on purpose) who look upon police abuse of power and respond that citizens should simply comply.  These same small “C” conservatives then dig up “evidence” of the victims poor character in order to shore up their otherwise preposterous theories on how one can scream for limited government, quote revolutionaries, and then demand that citizens both shut-up and comply with police abuse of power.  In other words, Sandra Bland may have been mouthy, but to be stopped for chicken crap, to be questioned as to her purpose for being in the area, to be ordered to put out a cigarette in her own car, and then to be arrested for failing to do so, is the sort of thing Conservatives (capital C) are opposed to – that is an abuse of power! Bland and Dubose are both dead NOT because of their behavior, but because of the misbehavior of officers empowered by government to harass citizens with Chicken Crap!

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