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Social Justice must mean propaganda. You can read the complete article on these young girls at CBS local

On a Saturday afternoon in Oakland, a handful of 8 to 10 year old girls are gathered, in brown uniforms, giggling and eating cupcakes. They look like Girl Scouts, but it’s not just fun and games.

And it’s not just fun and games. “White policeman are killing black young folks such as women, men and children,” one of the girls said.

Another girl said, “Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police officer shot him because of his skin color.”

These girls are called the “Radical Brownies.” And instead of learning sewing, they’re learning social justice.

Sometimes, I wonder if slogans proliferate because the truth is too nuanced to fit on a poster.  Then I remember that facts do not matter!  There is nothing in the words that these children are parroting that is true.  There is NOT an epidemic of white officers killing black girls and boys.  Michael Brown was NOT killed because he was black.  (I am fairly certain that his behavior contributed…at least a bit.)  But this is not about truth any more than it is about justice.  The narrative is what is important.  What better way to keep young, Black girls trapped than to convince them from an early age that they are hated because of the color of their skin and that the problem in their communities is the white police officer.



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