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Guest Tom Arico shares his thoughts on Kayla Mueller and other unfortunate idealists, who discover that the world is a cruel place indeed.


Remember last week when everybody was praising Kayla Mueller, the aid worker who was kidnapped and killed by Isis? How about a little perspective.

Mueller is the latest of a long line of college educated airheads, who believe they can change the world through their peace, love, beads in your hair, kumbaya singing anti-capitalistic, anti-war rhetoric, while supporting violent, Marxists revolutionaries and anti Israel propaganda.

Some of you may remember the Connecticut native Jennifer Casolo, who as a twenty something girl, traveled to Salvador with some sort of religious group ostensibly to help the poor. Of course, we weren’t told helping the poor meant overthrowing the U.S. allied government and installing a Marxist revolutionary aligned with Cuba and the Soviet Union. We found that out the hard way when the soldiers went into the home she shared with her boyfriend. Among the Joan Baez cassette tapes, flowers, and peace symbols were found a large cache of military-style rifles, ammunition, and grenades.

She claimed she had no idea how the weapons got inside her 10 by 10 foot back-yard, enclosed by 8 foot high concrete walls and only accessible through the house.

Charged with treason in a foreign country, this American Citizen caught the attention of the State department. The administration of George H. W. Bush insisted she get a fair trial. Not to be outdone, then Senator Chris Dodd flew to Salvador and single handily rescued Jennifer from a lifetime of helping the poor from her Salvadoran prison cell. After the 17 day ordeal, she and the Senator stood on a platform in front of about 50 or 60 supporters somewhere in her home state of Connecticut, where she thanked the Senator, bashed Bush, bashed Capitalism and bashed America.

She then went on a speaking tour of universities to less then stellar reviews and like William Ayers became a college professor.

Last I heard, she makes her home in Guatemala. I don’t know what kind of gun collection she has and I’m sure her cassette tapes have been replaced with CDs. ( I don’t know if she has a Tom Arico CD in her collection, but I’ll have Armin look into it. )

A little less lucky is a woman named Lori Berenson. A New Yorker, who traveled to Peru to do some free-lance journalism.

After obtaining press credentials from some Leftist American publications, slightly to the right of the New York Times, she and her photographer, who was the wife of a leader of the Tupac Amaru terrorist group, (Lori claimed no knowledge of this), entered the Peruvian Congress to interview its legislators.

I guess the government got a little suspicious of the duo when the questions went from the serious issues of birth control and evolution, to non important items like how many armed guards guard the congress? Where are they positioned, and what kind of weapons do they carry? Sketching a layout of the building didn’t help either.

They were arrested and charged with treason and supporting terrorism. A search of Lori’s apartment revealed a large cache of guns and weapons as well as documents supporting her connections to the terrorist group.

Since her documents and diagrams were confiscated, the terrorists were unable to plan an attack on congress, so they had to settle for an attack on the Japanese embassy, which they did the following year and held it hostage for four months.

By this time Lori was sentenced to Life in prison, later reduced to 20 years. She was allowed out of prison in 2010, but must remain in Peru until her sentence is up later this year.

It is unclear what the future holds for Miss Berenson, but I’m sure a Professorship awaits.

They’ll be no future for the bubblehead Amy Beihl because she did not survive her ordeal.

Amy’s cause was Apartheid and as a young bubblehead, who believed in the transforming power of democracy, traveled to South Africa to begin her career as a professional student, while helping to overthrow the government by supporting it’s rival the African National Congress.

She was aware of the ANC’s penchant for “necklacing,” (putting a gasoline filled tire around someones neck and setting it on fire), but she excused these indecencies because the teenagers who were doing it suffered “years of oppression” at the hands of the white minority government and she was sure they would never do this to her since she supported their cause.

She was right. She wasn’t necklaced.
Amy met her demise one night while driving a friend home when a brick came through her windshield and a mob of people, who she was trying to help, dragged her out of her car and stabbed her to death.

They didn’t seen to care that she was helping them. All they seemed to care about was that she had white skin, which means evil to those who suffer “years of oppression.”

But she will be remembered as somebody who cared, as there are many foundations and schools named after.

Which brings us to the latest in a long line of peace-loving, Kumbaya-singing, morons.

We are being told how loving and caring Kayla Mueller was and that she devoted her life helping poor people. She was an aid-worker we were told, but she didn’t look to help poor people at a local mission in her home town of Phoenix AZ, nor did she volunteer at the local hospital or church. No, she joined an “international aid” organization, which took her to India, Kenya, Turkey, and Israel.

Israel? Why Israel? Israel doesn’t have widespread poverty among it’s inhabitants. Israel’s not a third world country, lacking basic resources. In fact, Israel is probably more modern than her home town of Phoenix AZ.

So, maybe she was helping the injured Israelis, who suffer from constant attacks from Hamas and the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza.

No. It turns out her idea of being an aid worker meant joining the International Solidarity Movement, an anti-Semitic organization, who’s main purpose is to harass and propagandize against Israel.

Like the anti American, anti Israel Rachel Corrie, who was killed by standing in front of a terrorist’s house, while it was being bulldozed, Kayla marched and joined protests against Israel. She stood in solidarity, supporting the so- called oppressed masses, who suffer under Israeli oppression. It didn’t seem to matter that these oppressed masses were teaching their children to wear bomb-vests, walk into restaurants, and blow themselves up.

In 2012, she traveled to Syria to offer her help to the war-torn refugees, who were being killed by the same types of groups she supported in Gaza and the West Bank.

But Isis, who was raking in big bucks by kidnapping and ransoming western journalists and aid workers, saw not an aid worker who helps the poor, but rather a big fat bounty to fund their movement. And so on August 4, 2013, she was taken and held for ransom.

She was killed in captivity.

She wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last. America is not in short supply of college educated, bubbleheads, willing to travel the world and preach peace, love, anti-Israel and Marxist propaganda.

About Author

Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips was born on January 17, 1962 in Denver, Colorado, USA as Joseph Connor Phillips. He is an actor, known for General Hospital (1994), The Cosby Show (1984) and Strictly Business (1991). He has been married to Nicole since 1994. They have three children.

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