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Dark Chocolate Ganache:  A rich cream made from chocolate and heavy cream. You can adjust the consistency desired by adding more or less cream.
Equipment: Large knife to chop Chocolate 1 Saucepan Rubber Spatula Airtight container to store finished Ganache
Ingredients: Equal parts of Callebaut Dark Chocolate, and Heavy Cream Note: Do “NOT” use regular Chocolate Chips, as they will not melt properly
1. Chop Chocolate into small pieces.
2. Bring Heavy Cream just to a boil, remove pan from heat.
3. Immediately add Heavy Cream to chocolate, and let stand a few minutes.
4. Gently stir mixture until smooth & creamy, be careful not to incorporate a lot of air.
5. Mixture is ready to use as a glaze at this point.
6. Refrigerate Ganache until firm, overnight is best.
Because Ganache is made of just two ingredients, each needs to be the best quality you can buy, which will affect your Ganache in both flavor and consistency. Chocolate with higher Cocoa percentage (70% to 72%) will make a rich, not-too-sweet Ganache. If it is not sweet enough, dissolve a little Sugar into your Ganache, as long as it is still warm enough for the sugar to melt. Keep in mind that melted Sugar is essentially a liquid, so do not put in too much or you will affect your final consistency, begin with a spoonful, as it takes very little Sugar to sweeten Ganache.
Note: Ganache can “break” or separate due to overheating; whisk in cold Heavy Cream to repair, this will make your Ganache slightly softer.
Please keep this recipe handy, as we will talk about its applications at a later time

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