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The primary purpose for “we the people” to keep and bear arms (if we so wish) is to protect our freedom.  This story provides a perfect illustration of that right in action.  The Blacks in this story were not concerned with hunting or with protecting their private property from thieves.  These citizens were protecting their lives and the lives of their loved ones from terrorists – yes terrorists! – who were intent on denying them their God given right to life and liberty.

By the mid-1950’s the Civil Rights Movement was gaining momentum and the KKK decided they had to fight back. Their campaign of terrorism swept through many of the southern states, but largely fell flat in North Carolina.
James W. “Catfish” Cole, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina, decided he was going to change that. Cole was an ordained minister of the Wayside Baptist Church in Summerfield, North Carolina, who regularly preached the Word of God on the radio. His rallies often drew as many as 15,000 people.  As Cole told the newspapers: “There’s about 30,000 half-breeds up in Robeson County and we are going to have some cross burnings and scare them up.”

Cole made a critical mistake that couldn’t be avoided by a racist mind – he was completely ignorant of the people he was about to mess with.

I am particularly of short patience with Black folk who buy into the Leftist narrative that guns are bad, are bad for Black people in particular (see this), and ought to be taken off the street.  These are people who buy into the Hollywood version of history wherein Black folk sat quivering in the corner, waiting for good white people to ride to their rescue from the hooded KKK members who were terrorizing them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Black folk took up arms to protect themselves…that is until the guns were taken away.

a large, heavily armed Klan motorcade roared out to Dr. Perry’s place, firing their guns at the house and howling at the top of their lungs. The hooded terrorists met a hail of disciplined gunfire from Robert Williams and his men, who fired their weapons from behind sandbag fortifications and earthen entrenchments. Shooting low, they quickly turned the Klan raid into a complete rout. “[Police Chief] Mauney wouldn’t stop them,” B. J. Winfield said later, “and he knew they were coming, because he was in the Klan. When we started firing, they run. We run them out and they started just crying and going on.”

This is a fascinating story, one we seldom hear (certainly not from Hollywood) of black people defending themselves and of the Second Amendment doing exactly what it is supposed to.

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